PhantomBidder utilizes "Internet Agents" to bid on your behalf. Tell your personal "Agent" the item you want and how much you are willing to pay for it, and sit back and relax. PhantomBidder will help you win that auction at the best price by placing your bid right before the auction ends. PhantomBidder frees you and your computer from having to "watch" for the end of the auction, PhantomBidder will do the watching FOR YOU. And don't worry about being outbid. PhantomBidder will notify you by email when your maximum bid price is no longer sufficient to win the Auction so that you have time to increase your "Phantom" bid amount or delete the bid. With features like bid notification, bid groups, and low prices, there is no wonder that PhantomBidder is the #1 bidding agent on the web. PhantomBidder works with all international eBay sites (except Korea), eBay Motors, and Mature auctions.


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We use massive redundancy with servers scattered around the country to make sure your bids are placed. No other bidding service can compare! has been successfully placing bids since 2001.

We have been entrusted with millions and millions of dollars worth of bids. We have won cars, boats, bikes, pretty much anything you can think of from all corners of the world.

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